Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What should I do if my acrylic nails still hurt after 8 hrs?

I got my nails done at 2pm and it is now 10:35pm and HURT. THEY BURN AND THEY ARE EXTREMELY SORE! Should I soak them off and would they hurt less or should the pain go away by tomorrow? In need of desperate help please!!!!What should I do if my acrylic nails still hurt after 8 hrs?
I've had acrylic nails before, and that happened to me. Your nails just get soar because your natural nails are being forced into an unnatural shape (because of the tip and the acrylic). The soreness should be gone by tomorrow. If it's still painful tomorrow, you should go back to the nail salon and have them take it off. Hope this helps.What should I do if my acrylic nails still hurt after 8 hrs?
If you have had a new set put on...it is normal for them to be sore for the first day or so... ';BURN'; I haven't had that before.. If it still burns tomorrow... go back to the shop where you had them done...and tell them... might be primer burn???
They must have cut your cuticle with the electri drill or something...They're not supposed to hurt! If I were you I wouldn't soak them off just yet...Soaking them off takes ALOT OF TIME AND THEY'RE NOT GONNA COME OFF EASILY BECAUSE YOU JUST GOT THEM DONE....SO YOU FINGER NAILS ARE GONNA LOOK CRAZY.I ot mine done yesterday and my thumb hurts b/c he cut it with the drill by accident.
You should take them off. Immediately.

There shouldn't be any pain after getting acrylic nails done as far as I know.

leave them and if they still hurt tomorrow go back to the place and have them take them off
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