Thursday, January 21, 2010

What can i do to make my nails look good ?

Hi.I want to make my nails look good everyday without any nailpolish.Is there any way ?What can i do to make my nails look good ?
get a weekly manicure. You can either go to a salon and get one for about 20 bucks or go to a beauty school and they will do one for half the price or cheaper. I go to a beauty school and mine cost 5 dollars plus a tip. What can i do to make my nails look good ?
go and get a mani pedi, then every night after that take a nail file and lightly file your nail, just to keep them that length, and i would buy some of these products鈥?/a> i use both cuticle products, the post trauma nail tretment, and the quickdry top coat, they make my nails perfect, i do it every sunday night to keep my nails looking great and the topcoatdries extremely fast so it doesn't take long, it just adds extra sheen so your nails would still look great without it
give your self a manicure!! i do that aswell and as im right handed i can only get to do my left hand ;p lol. but i usually get my mom or a friend to do that hand as i looks silly with 1 done and 1 without.. but i can get both hands done if its only 1 colour, thats not a prob, and im sure it aint for your, there is usually a few colours that suit you skin tone best like as for me well i have asian skin and the colours that suit me best are baby pink, clear, a sparkly glittery type. so you experiment 1 of the days that your free and see which one suits you best, then hopefully you have a colour that you know!!

hope that helps.xx
I use a 3 sided Nail buffer

Use the deep charcoal side for filing, the white side for shaping and the smooth grey side for buffing and polishing your nails to a natural, shiny finish.

There are several styles.

Mine looks very simular to this one.鈥?/a>

You can find them at Wal-Mart and sometimes little stands at the malls.

Makes my nails very shiny like i have clear polish on....but I don't.
You should use -some- nail polish..clear is good it makes it look nice without you, know, the actual colour lol. And nobody knows the difference when you remove it when you use nail polish remover.
yeah of course! go to target and they have these little manicure sets for $1. they remove ridges, file, buff, and shine your nails.
keep em neat, not long, but not short, file em, and put clear nail polish

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