Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What can I do to prevent my nails snapping?

My finger nails snap quite easily when they get to a certain length - how do I stop them from breaking so easily?

Could it be I'm not eating enough of a certain food? I'm vegetarian, so could it be that?

Thanks :)What can I do to prevent my nails snapping?
Well this is actually pretty simple to answer. All you need to do is go to a beauty store and look for nail strengthener. Apply it on your nails as the directions say. this stuff will thicken your nails so they do not snap. Or the other option would be to keep them short.What can I do to prevent my nails snapping?
u should buy sally hansen hard nails

it basically makes ur nails harder...

oh and its just a clear nail polish :]

good luck!
you can use nail strenghtener. n its cheap nvdoesnt cost alot. n maybe stay away from stuff that can break ur nails
you could try and strengthening nailpolish
there is this clear nail polish that i have and its called nail strengther it works pretty good. so i would suggest that you use that (: they probably have it at wal mart er something. hope this helps
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