Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gel nails? How much do they really damage?

I'm very interested in gettin gel nails put on. I just phoned the place, and they were telling me that I can get ';powdered gel nails'; or ';liquid gel nails'; and because of the cost, I'd rather go with the powder ones as they are cheaper. Up until now, I usually just bought the glue on nails.. but they have been awful for my natural nail. I would like some advice about gel nails. What kinds of things shouldn't I do after I have them on? and Maintenance tips. I work in a bank rather than a restaurant or a job where I'm wokring with water and chemicals that can be damaging for the nails so I'm hoping that this is a good idea. I really want them, but I want to know about other experiences first.Gel nails? How much do they really damage?
Powdered gel nails are acrylic based and do damage your nails. Liquid gel nails are supposed to be called ';Gel nails'; so check this out because they could be using Acrylic products but just lying and calling them gel. I am a Beauty Therapist and would not recommend acrylic nails to anyone. Get your nails done using Bio Sculpture Gel, they are the only pure gel product. Make sure you wear gloves when washing dishes and hand washing clothes ( you should do this anyway to protect your skin) so that no water or detergents get under the nails. You will need to get them refilled regularly- my clients vary from 2 to 5 weeks depending on how quickly their nails grow. When they are refilled the gel will be buffed down using a nail file ( don't let the technician use a drill) until the nail is smooth and the regrowth in blended in with the natual nail. More gel will then be added over the top, either using clear, french look or coloured gel, depending which you prefer.

I have had Bio Sculpture Gel on my nails for nearly 3 years and am addicted to them- I have a different colour and nail art each time I refill them and they are such a talking point.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy having them doneGel nails? How much do they really damage?
dunno so much......w/e u do don't get Cyrillic or powdered nails it ruins your nail bed....tri gel nails....wont hurt 2 tri.
I got acrylic nails and they completely ruined my nails. There's no good way to remove them. Even after soaking them in nail polish remover, you still have to pull them and it ruins the surface of your nail, making it weak until it grows out fully again. The nail technician also has to file down the surface of your nail so it will stick, and it thins the nail out so much that it just chips away.

Fake nails look cute and they're nice because you don't have to think about maintaining them, but if you decide to get them, I'd suggest you keep refilling them as long as you can because removing them really sucks.
i completely agree with the two statements above...i've had acrylic nails for 5 years, then got gel nails, and now have pink and white...there's really no difference other than strength and price...pink and white nails are harder and you dont have to paint them but they are alot more expensive...either way you're nails become alot weaker after the whole process...
They really damage, it's like ripping your actual nails off when you peel the fake ones off.

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