Monday, May 10, 2010

What causes nails to grow on top of others and to crack?

when you have had an injury or your nail has suffered trauma of some sort, then you regrow a nail because the original one wasn't functioning propersly. if not then You have a calcium deficiency, and your body is using a coping mechanism (quickly making different nails because your originals can't thrive on you) if your regrowing new nails frequently then you definitely have a calcium deficiency.What causes nails to grow on top of others and to crack?
How to Grow my Nails Faster and Stronger causes nails to grow on top of others and to crack?
i dont think that it is one nail growing on top of the other...i think that your nails are maybe brittle like mine and the top layers of the nail crack and 'peel' off so it appears to be one nail on top of the other...try some vitamin E pills or oil...use clear nail polish can get it from Wal-mart...sally henson is a good brand...good luck

on a human??
I dont know but I bite my nails and they r pretty ugly n kinda craked? But I never had no nails growin on top of eachother!
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