Friday, May 14, 2010

What is the best, easiest, safest way to remove acrylic nails?

The safest way to remove acrylic nails is by soaking them in pure acetone. It helps to warm the acetone slightly by placing it in one small bowl, and then placing that bowl into a slightly larger one that has some medium-hot water in it. By warming the acetone, it helps speed up the removal time by about 10 minutes or so. Usually, it takes about 20-25 minutes for the acetone to soften the acrylic enough to begin to gently scrape it off with an orange stick, or simply rubbing it off with a paper towel. The acetone does tend to have a minor drying effect, so to help replace any lost moisture in your nails, and any exposed skin, apply cuticle oil, and also use a good moisturizing habd lotion afterwards. Applying hand lotion is a good thing to do everyday anyway, especially after washing your hands. Apply cuticle oil 2-3 times a day, every day. This helps keep your nails moisturized, and they become healthier as a result, not to mention that your cuticles will look and feel better too.

Never try to force the acrylic nails off by prying them off, or tearing them off with things like cuticle, or nail nippers. And don't let a nail tech do this to you either. Forcing them off WILL cause damage to your natural nails - sometimes severe damage, and it will also hurt quite a bit too.What is the best, easiest, safest way to remove acrylic nails?
simplest method i found was to soak them in an acetone based nail-varnish remover, using then nailene bath with bristles helps

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