Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why do I have bubbles in my nail polish after it drys on my nails?

How do I get rid of them. It's not cheap nail polish.Why do I have bubbles in my nail polish after it drys on my nails?
that usually happens when your drying your nails infront of a fan or under a fan.. because the fan is blowing all the particles from the acryllic or even little bits of dust..

try paint your nails and not using a fan to dry them.. and if that doesnt work return you nail polish and tell them that its old...

ohh and if maybee its happening because the nail polish got very thick.. then put a few drops of acetone in there and shake it.. that will make it more liquid like...Why do I have bubbles in my nail polish after it drys on my nails?
It happens when you apply a new coat over nail polish that hasn't fully dried. The bottle usually says give it 5 minutes but really it should be 10 minutes for better results.
Do you shake the bottles before you use it? Because I have found that if you SHAKE the bottle you sometimes get bubbles... Try to roll the bottle in your hands before applying it instead of shaking... ever since I started doing that I do NOT get bubbles anymore. =0)
You're using cheap polish, or you are painting your nails infront of a fan, or outdoors, this doesn't mix with nail polish.
When you're mixing your nail polish, roll it between your palms instead of shaking it. This prevents bubbles from entering the polish. A good quality polish is always good to use as well. Good luck!
If you apply the second coat too quickly bubbles tend to happen. You should allow the first coat to dry a little before you apply another.
shake it first...the air on the top of the bottle may cause bubbles so just shake the bottle....same thing with mascara
Bubbles usually happen when your nail polish is cheap or old. Even the more costly brands can thicken and make bubbles when you have had them for too long or when they have sat on store shelves for a while. Try getting a nail polish thinner from a beauty supply store such as Sally's. You can add a few drops to make your nail polish like new again.
roll da bottle nd dnt put to0 much on so0 it wnt get like dat... or myb its old so0 buy a new 1....

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