Friday, May 14, 2010

How to make my nails grow fast as i bite them?

well i wanna ask that i really bite my nail i cant stop that how can i make them grom plzzzzzzzzzzz reply schools starting!!!!!!!!!!!!How to make my nails grow fast as i bite them?
when if you go to the drugstore you can find a nail polish that tastes gross and you put in on your nails just like how you put normal nail polish on and if you try to bite your nails you get that gross strong taste ,but it isn't poisonous. I know because i had the same problem as you.Is does work :DHow to make my nails grow fast as i bite them?
You say you ';cant stop';? Honey, it's all in the willpower! (ignore how condescending that was...)

Anyhow try this:

To Stop Biting:

';Save'; one or nails at a time, biting the others but not the saved ones. Not biting these two nails will give them a chance to grow and strengthen (biting weakens your nails).

After a bit, ';save'; another nail. Then another. And another. Eventually you'll be gnawing on one, easier to give up.

To make Them Grow:

Eat protein, your nails are made of keratin and need protein to grow.

Make sure you get a balaced diet with lots of vits and minerals!

Then, moisturise your nails with a cuticle butter or hand cream (personally, I recommend Lush's Lemony Flutter) each night.

Your nails will need time and TLC to be healthy.

Genes play a part too, so if you aren't the proud owner of ten gorgeous long talons by Halloween, don't worry:-) HTH
I used to bite my nails allllllllll the time.You can this foul tasting stuff to put on them so if you bite you pay the consequences.Also if you want them to grow fast, them moisturise and rub it in in circles at the base of your nails.Olive oil is really good for this too. Hope you get nails soon lol ! xxx
umm... stop biting them idiot.

Put rubbing alcohol on your finger tips about 3 times a day =D

trust me it will work.

I did that to keep my lil cousion from putting his fingers in his mouth

when I would babysit.

Nail polish remover works well too.

As to getting them to grow, go to walgreens and get the ';fast growing'; nail polish. It really does work.

You can by a bitter nail polish from the drug store. Its specifically for people that bite their nails. It makesthem taste really bad. Also you could alwa get gel nails for like $20.00 at a salon or buy some fakies from the drug store.
i did the same thing!

put a rubber band and anytime you

think/are/or and about to bite them

snap it

not hard, but just enough to get a sting it really helps

then after a few weeks get the naigrowthtformulaul

in the nail polish isle.

hope i help!
stop biting them for a start.. if not they'll never grow!

put nail varnish on that shud stop you.. maybe.

Foods can also speed the process of nail growth.

Okay.easy answer..STOP BITING THEM!!!

But, there is a nail polish that's clear that you can get from Sally's or WalMart that when you go to bite your nails you get a strong bitter taste in your mouth. TRY IT OUT
You can't.

You either need to put something on your fingers (like bitter apple or dog poo) to make yourself stop biting them, or have your teeth removed so you can't chew your nails.
Use Nailtiques. You can find it at Walgreens, Walmart or Target.
STOP biting them!
um stop bitting them... duh
stop biting them.

or keep painting your nails and dont bite them

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