Friday, May 14, 2010

Why do my thumb nails smell when I bite them?

It's only my thumbs and only when I bite or chew them. I wish I could describe the smell fro you. No discoloration or pain.Why do my thumb nails smell when I bite them?
its not your thumb nails. its your saliva that reeks!! sorry to be blunt, but thats how it is.Why do my thumb nails smell when I bite them?
Maybe a fungus.........try using vick's vapor rub for a while and see if that helps......and QUIT BITING YOUR NAILS!!!!
It is because of your saliva. I know it takes a LONG time to get off the nail chewing habit but try. I am still trying though so we can be together in this!
That is your breath you are smelling. It can be a sign of gingivitis if it is really stinky. Listerine morning and night when you brush your teeth and you will notice a dfference within a week or two once the gingivitis is dead.
Your breathe is definitely the culprit. Most likely you are a smoker as well.
I think you should go to the doctor. You might have an infection or something like that. The doctor will give you something if they can or tell you a type of doctor that can help your problem. Hope I helped and that you getyour problem worked out soon.
Brush your teeth and use some Listrine .


  1. I have the same problem! People can't assume it is bad breath because I brush my teeth regularly and chew gum alot. I don't know what the small it but it's the same for me when I bite my thumb nails. x

  2. I have been googling this for like a year... Its all my fingernails... I look like a freak when I sniff them after I bite them too... I think its everyone but we are the first to sniff them after.

  3. Uh I thought it was the protein in your nails breaking down... The same smell occurs when hair is burning...

  4. yeaa it smells like burnt hair! thanks geo your the only one on here that has any sense. its not bad breath dumbasses because i peeled my nail and it smelled burnt...

  5. Totally agree, smell of burning. Damn cool that others have posted here! :)

  6. Yes, its same with me. Its like smell of burning. But more specifically, I describe it as the smell very similar to the phosphorus coating on an unburnt match stick.