Friday, May 14, 2010

My two big toe nails are yellow from painting them. How do I get rid of it?

My two big toe nails are yellow from always having paint on them during the summer. How do I get rid of it?My two big toe nails are yellow from painting them. How do I get rid of it?
baking soda works extremely well and fast!My two big toe nails are yellow from painting them. How do I get rid of it?
If you don't mind another couple weeks with toenail polish, usually what I do to get rid of it is put a clear coat of nail polish on and then put one coat of color. By the time you go to take the color off, the yellowing is gone.

In the future, if you put a base coat on your nails with clear polish, it kind of creates a seal which prevents the colored paint from staining your nails. It also makes it SO easy when it comes time to remove your polish!

Good luck!
The yellow in your toe nails may be from painting but also may be due to a fungus. There are medications to take but they can be very dangerous. I personally cannot use them. There are, however, homeopathic and other natural remedies that you can find on the internet and in health food stores. This is just from personal experience. Also, if there is any curling of the nail or thickening, it is most likely a fungus.
The yellowness will eventually grow out. In the mean time, always put a base coat on your nails before putting colour on them. I love red nail polish, but it really stains your nails. I started using a base coat, and the stains eventually grew out.
Cut up a lemon and rub the inside of it on your nails. It has a natural bleach in it and will clear up the yellowing. This is all you need to do. All the other stuff everyone is saying is just money wasting.
Actually this happened to me and it may be that u have Athletes foot. So i recommend u go to a specialist or use a special athletes foot cream daily.
Drugstores have like Sally Hansen stuff for yellow nails with like green tea in them? Just shop around, you'll evetually find something ;)
just leave them alone and let them breathe and next time you paint your nails put a clear coat first to keep the color for bleeding into your nails
soak them in cuticle remover, then using a pusher, scrape the thin layer off your nails. =)
nail polish remover, at all drugstores.
Use a nail buffer to file the top of the nail. Soak them in lemon juice!! That should work!!

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